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Whiny, Clingy & Irritating
30 March 1980
Jefferson, Louisiana, United States
Made Of Fail podcast
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St. Charles East High School - St. Charles IL (1994 - 1998)
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8-bit theater, aerosmith, alfred hitchcock, amateur photography, amber benson, angel, anne rice, anything 80's, astonishing x-men, avgn, b-movies, bad puns, barack obama, birds of prey, bob dylan, bon jovi, buffy, bush, catwoman, comics, contra, courtney love, ctrl+alt+del, david bowie, david eddings, dc comics, def leppard, depeche mode, dragon warrior, dungeons and dragons, duran duran, ed wood, elizabeth wurtzel, emma frost, fallen angel, final fantasy, flight of the navigator, flirting outrageously, gail simone, galaga, game boy, garbage, gavin rossdale, geek culture, gloomcookie, golden sun, greek mythology, green day, hair metal, he-man, hole, illusion of gaia, infinite crisis, jhonen vasquez, jimi hendrix, jonathan coulton, joss whedon, kevin smith, kill bill, kitty pryde, kyle xy, labyrinth, learning japanese, least i could do, legend of zelda, liz phair, local h, macaulay culkin, melodrama, michael alig, mighty morphin power rangers, morrissey, mst3k, my friends, my husband, my kitties, net surfing, new order, new orleans, nightmare on elm street, nintendo, nirvana, nobuo uematsu, not working, office space, party monster, penny arcade, peter david, playing guitar, podcasting, poison, psycho, pvp, queer eye, questionable content, rinoa heartilly, robert englund, robot chicken, rocky horror, seinfeld, shadowgate, she-ra, sinistar, smallville, smashing pumpkins, snakes on a plane, spaceballs, spider-man, squall leonhart, super nintendo, supergirl, terry brooks, tgwtg, the black cauldron, the black mages, the boyzz, the buzz spectors, the cure, the pixies, the scarlet fever, the simpsons, the smiths, the terms, thinking with portals, tim burton, utada hikaru, veruca salt, weezer, wil wheaton, wonder woman, world of warcraft, writing
"We need omniscient gods because we like the idea that someone might be paying attention to us and recording our lives all the time. If we for some reason have trouble ascribing to such beliefs, there's always LiveJournal."
-William Denhart, 11/21/05

I'm a born-and-bred Northerner, having lived in the Chicago suburbs my entire life, but I've found a new and true home in New Orleans. I live with my husband, my boyfriend, and two awesome cats. In my oodles of free time, I play video games incessantly, teach myself Japanese and co-host MADE OF FAIL, a podcast for geeks. It's doing respectably well, actually.

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